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The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni was a really good book, I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot from it. It had a lot of good information about organizational health and strategy. One of the things that’s stressed throughout the book is the health of the organization is what makes it go in the right direction, not better sales, not a better website, not about a better leadership team, and not better operations. It’s more about communication, if everyone is on the same page and aligns their duties with the goals of the organization. He talks about the four strategies, building a cohesive leadership team, creating clarity, over communicate clarity, and to reinforce clarity. For example, Lencioni talks about leadership in an organization and priorities and says the top two priorities of a leader are to set the direction of the organization, and to insure that people are reminded of it. Lencioni goes on to say that unless a leader says something seven times the employees might not take it seriously. Therefore, we not only have to set the direction, but we have to over communicate it as well.

The Advantage

Organizational health and Communication

Organizational health and communication go hand in hand, Lencioni stresses this throughout this book. Also, he contends if you eliminate politics in an organization it will become more healthy which is something I agree with wholeheartedly. Lencioni contends that there are six critical questions that a leadership team must rally around and clearly answer. They include:

  • Why do we exist?
  • How do we behave?
  • What do we do?
  • How will we succeed?
  • What is most important, right now?
  • Who must do what?

Lencioni also talks about goals, and communicating them with your team. For example, in one part of the book, he asks “if we accomplish only one thing during the next x months, what would it be?” This is a great question for any leader to ask, it defines a “thematic” goal. A thematic goal must be qualitative, temporary and shared by the leadership team. I would encourage everyone in their own organizations to find their thematic goal. what do you want to accomplish along with your peers?

The Advantage

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