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The Harbowl

With the upcoming Superbowl (The Harbowl) on February 3rd, I would like to share a story which got my blood boiling. It’s the type of thing this country needs less of and the NFL should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to the average joe. Why free credit score do these types of things happen to good people? If I wasn’t such a football fan (I bleed blue, white, and grey for America’s team) and hadn’t been all my life I would lose interest in the sport altogether after reading a story like this. This man should have been

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Why is there less money in my paycheck in 2013?

Why is there less money in my paycheck in 2013? Have you noticed it yet? I just noticed it recently, there is less money in my paycheck this year! Have taxes went up for me? Maybe, it depends upon how much you make. Chances are this has nothing to do with there being less money in your paycheck though. Is there less money in my paycheck because Obama was re-elected? Nope, and let’s not get into a political discussion either. With inflation rising, it’s not a good time for this to happen to the American people. I know I like

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Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut

I have thought about this terrible tragedy over the weekend and its a terrible thing that happened. Absolutely awful, and I don’t think there are many answers or steps we can take to prevent this from happening again. The facts are that this 20 year old kid, Adam Lanz was a monster. How can someone take 27 lives, 20 of them children and then just off them self. I think he was mentally unstable and snapped just like many others have in the past. I do have something else to say about this as well. It’s not the first time

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