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Habits of successful rainmakers

What is a rainmaker? A pretty simple, but accurate definition is that a rainmaker is someone who is very successful, especially in business. A rainmaker is an individual you not only want, but need in your organization. They are able to help your organization in multiple different ways through their diverse set of skills. Rainmakers tend to be excellent in the field of sales, have large networks, are very well organized, and strive to improve on their past performance. Rainmakers live by the mantra, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” There are no schools or courses that can “teach” you to become a rainmaker, it’s something we need to learn throughout our career. Some people learn it faster than others, and it’s usually those who are the most hungry for success. In this post, I will try to illustrate some of the habits of successful rainmakers that are most important for business excellence.

Habits of successful rainmakers

They have a plan

Successful rainmakers manage themselves, and sometimes others. They excel in certain things like time management, analytical skills, and working with a team. Additionally, they are able to build a plan around a certain goal, and execute on it.

They are able to put together a simple or more complex plan, depending upon the situation. Also, they can execute on a plan whether it’s an individual plan or a team based plan.

The best rainmakers always adhere to a schedule, and plan their days out ahead of time. They use tools like a Calendar (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.), CRM Systems (Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc.), and may even have a secretary or sales assistant. Successful rainmakers know what their week is going to be like about a week in advance and they’re quite successful.

They make business development a priority

Successful rainmakers are always working on their company’s business development, they make it a priority. Business development is a never ending process in any organization. A successful rainmaker recognizes the areas of the company that need improvement, and they work on those areas to make the company grow stronger. Successful rainmakers treat their business development areas the same way they do other important areas of the business like revenue generation. A successful rainmaker working on constant business development is also able to pinpoint opportunities. They recognize the opportunity, build a strategy around it, execute a plan, and are able to capitalize on it for the greater good of the company.

They’re constantly networking with others

Successful rainmakers have a comprehensive rolodex with what might seem like an endless list of connections. The successful rainmaker is all about building relationships, finding new people to collaborate with, and always trying to make new connections. Successful rainmakers look for people who can help their business, not just prospective clients. Successful rainmakers keep in contact with individuals from childhood, school, and work (former colleagues). They know these people may be able to help them in the future and vice-versa. They might be able to find people or companies that would be good for business partnerships. Additionally, successful rainmakers may be able to find people who would be a valuable addition to their organization. Building a comprehensive network of people is something every successful rainmaker does on a regular basis.

They treat potential clients and clients like gold

Successful rainmakers understand prospects, clients, and former clients are their bread and butter. They try their best to make sure their clients are satisfied at all times, evaluate and try their best to exceed their goals, and listen to their feedback at all times. As a rainmaker, you should always try to fight for your clients and come up with the best mutually beneficial solution for them when a problem arises. As for former clients, rainmakers try their best to always keep in contact with these individuals on a regular basis. Just because they are no longer a buyer of your product at the present time doesn’t mean they won’t be a buyer tomorrow. Also, both clients and former clients can provide you business referrals, which is all the more reason to treat them with the utmost respect. Prospective clients should be treated well, rainmakers know these prospective clients can turn into paying customers at any time. Therefore, a successful rainmaker will relentlessly court a potential client using the best, most morale, business tactics.

They follow up constantly

One part of being a successful rainmaker is follow up, you have to do it constantly. A very small fraction of sales are made after the first follow up. Most sales are made after two to three weeks of following up with the prospective client, having to answer a number of the prospective clients questions, and using your sales skills to try to persuade that prospective client to test out your product. I’m not going to use any numbers to prove this, but I have fifteen years of sales experience and I find this is the case when trying to close most deals. Sure, some sales are closed in a few days and some are closed in a few months, but most fall somewhere within a few weeks. Successful rainmakers realize this so they relentlessly court prospective clients, eventually converting them into regular customers.

They’re excellent listeners

One thing that separates an average salesperson from an excellent salesperson is the excellent salesperson is usually a fantastic listener, while the average salesperson may be a talker. Sure, extroverts will always make better sales people than introverts. However, ambiverts are the best sales people and they know when to talk and when to listen. Successful rainmakers realize this and they listen to the prospective client or client intently and take notes accordingly. They know when to ask questions and when to be quiet. It’s simple psychology that people like to talk about themselves, their business, and their goals. Top rainmakers know this, they know when to talk, and when to take notes.

They know how to close the deal

How to close the deal? Successful rainmakers know how to do this, what time to do it, and when to ask for the business. First of all, they will listen to the prospective client or client as long as they need to. They will ask questions as necessary, find out the clients or prospective clients needs, and then point out the features of your product and the benefits to the prospective client or client. They will ask about the clients goals, how they’ll be able to generate a good return on investment, etc. They will draft a proposal, or if confident enough try to close the sale right there and now.

They’re constantly learning and investing in themselves

Successful rainmakers aren’t born that way, they develop habits throughout their career. Using these habits on a day to day basis, they start to become routine and they start to develop other good habits as well.

The most successful rainmakers are always interested in learning new skills. They realize they don’t know everything, will hire people more talented than them, and are constantly learning. They invest in themselves, read books, take classes (both online and offline), and regularly seek help from others.

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