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Seven reasons why top salespeople are highly paid

When I started my career I took a job as a project coordinator and knew the company would groom me to become a project manager. At the time, it was a higher paying job than many of my friends started out with right out of college but I questioned if it was what I really wanted. Down deep, I knew it wasn’t for me and I only lasted about a year before I quit. My father was always a VP or CEO of different companies while I was growing up and I often saw him stressed out, probably because he usually worked for someone else. He just retired this past year and it’s nice to see him finally being able to relax a bit. My mother is in real estate sales and I could tell she is very good at it and the people around her admired her as she’s a real people person. I knew I wanted to do sales when I got out of college, it just took me a little over a year to get into a sales job I really loved. It was at a newspaper doing advertising sales and I stayed at that job for over six years. I found out working there and for other large companies the top salespeople were the highest paid people in the organization, even more so than the managers. This made a lot of sense to me because top sales executives bring the revenue into the company, and that can be the toughest job in the organization, period. In this article, I will illustrate seven reasons why top salespeople are highly paid.

Seven reasons why top salespeople are highly paid

They manage themselves

The best sales people really don’t need to be managed at all. The sales manager role plays a very useful part in any organization, but it’s more of a role of guidance and one of a mentor. Great sales managers will often find their top sales executives need very little guidance so they’ll empower them to use their sales skills to the best of their abilities. Top sales executives manage their time effectively and are very organized. They may use a CRM system, but often have a to do list, and an appointment schedule as well. Top sales people seek out the top sales executives, seek advice from them, and try to emulate them. I have mentored many junior sales executives in the past to see them become sales superstars, there is no better feeling.

They treat others like they would like to be treated

Top salespeople treat both colleagues and clients like they would like to be treated, with the utmost respect. They go by the golden rule, and make sure they are aware of others goals and try to help them to succeed. They practice fairness and equality and try to push for mutually beneficial outcomes in business. If you’re a client, a top salesperson wants to know more about your business, your goals, and will evaluate whether or not the product they are offering will help you. If you’re straightforward and honest with your clients chances are they will recommend you to others in their industry you may be able to help. This is a win-win situation for both the client and the top salesperson.

They love what they do

Top sales people love what they do so they make a career out of it. They have clear cut goals in life, and they see sales as something that will help them achieve those goals. They invest a lot of time and energy in investing in themselves, constantly reading up on the best sales strategies, and attending sales workshops or seminars. They are driven to be the best at sales within their industry and they will pay the price to get there. Top sales people always strive to become “best in class” and compete to try to be part of that elite 10% in their industry.

They work hard and regularly exceed their sales goals

Top sales people make a commitment to themselves to try to regularly beat past goals. They are always achieving bigger numbers on a year over year basis, thus their salaries increase considerably. They throw their heart and soul into the business, work long hours, and are constantly prospecting and obtaining new clients. It’s a never ending process, and top sales people both understand that and embrace it. They have a vision of where the company is now, and where it could be in the future.

They’re committed to learning new skills

Top salespeople are always learning new skills and applying them to their careers, whether or not they’re sales related. They participate in both online and offline classes. They are always looking to further their careers by learning more about business. This is why you see so many top sales people eventually elevate their careers eventually becoming Vice Presidents or Chief Executive Officers of corporations. In the past, I have found it’s always top sales people who make the most effective leaders.

They are very creative

Top sales people are on top of their game when it comes to creativity. I have always thought of the late Steve Jobs as more of a showman (Macworld conferences) or top salesperson who was best at influencing others and selling others his Apple products. He created a buzz about a product, was able to show it off and how it could be used to solve your problems, and then the general public had to have it. Top sales people are the same way in that they are able to reach deep within themselves to come up with creative solutions for customers, show the features of a product and how it can benefit you. This is done through a variety of different methods, and the top salespeople always have the most success with it.

They have excellent character

Top salespeople have excellent character, they are able to talk to people and let their inner integrity show. They are able to influence others, and make their decision easy when it comes to purchasing a product or service. Top sales people constantly show they are credible, because their clients believe and trust them. Top salespeople build trust with customers on a continuing basis, and their good customers eventually become their best customers.

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