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Recruiting the best candidate for the job

Recruiting the best candidate for the job is never an easy task. Do you spend hours of your day looking through resumes, trying to find who might look good enough on paper to call for a phone interview or schedule an in-office interview with. If you do, you’re probably wasting your time, the best candidates are typically not found this way. The best candidates are often recommended to you through your own network and you may even already know them from working in the industry. Why is it so hard for Fortune 500 companies to find great candidates nowadays? Why are there so many job vacancies that remain unfilled for extended periods of time? A recent survey said that more than 70% of employers have a very difficult time hiring critical skill employees. Startups have a very difficult time recruiting employees, they compete with big companies who pay big salaries and have great benefits for top notch talent. Additionally, startups have a need to be innovative and cost effective when recruiting new talent. Most often they need to sacrifice company stock and much needed funding to make this possible. While it is hard to recruit the best candidate for the job, I will try to illustrate some ways smart companies do it regularly.

Recruiting the best candidate for the job

Can they do the job, will they do the job, and will they fit in?

These are probably the most frequently asked questions by employers who are seeking talented candidates. When you’re trying to recruit a great candidate for your company these are crucial questions. I think these are so crucial, we should examine each one of them in more detail:

Can they do the Job?
Is this candidate capable of doing the job? Do they have prior experience working in the field and have they been successful? There are many ways you can test for this, interviewing a lot of people is one of them. For example, you may have no experience with sales and have no idea on how to hire a great salesperson because you’re a technical guy. I’m willing to bet that if you were to interview a few people, tell them what you’re trying to do, ask how they can help you boost sales, by the time you reached the seventh or eighth interview you would know more precisely what you are looking for. Each hire is different, and every interview should be more of a pleasant conversation (not an interrogation), take this approach and you’ll eventually find candidates that are right for you.
Will they do the job?
Are the potential candidates excited to work for you or the company you work for? Why? These are great questions, and I would recommend asking them. You want to know about their accomplishments, work ethic, and attitude. I would suggest you check their references. However, references usually don’t tell us much because most likely candidates have specific references for a reason. Still, this is something you need to do because a bad reference is an automatic red flag. If you want to, check out the candidate through their past employers. If you know someone who has worked with the potential client in the past, feel free to contact them to find out more about them. Make sure you ask them about their likes, dislikes, things they would want to be actively involved with, and things they wouldn’t want to have anything to do with. This will ultimately help you with your decision.
Will they fit in?
How good of a fit is the potential client with your company or the company you work for? This is information you need to know. Don’t be afraid to get others involved in the interview process. Make sure that those who will be working the most closely with the candidate get a chance to meet them and ask questions. Let them ask questions which are most relevant to your business and don’t be afraid to help. You should make sure your colleagues like this person, want to work with them, and will welcome them once they come on board.

Recruiting the best candidate for the job

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