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Screwed! by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

What a screwed up world we live in. These were my first thoughts after I read Screwed! by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann. I will say this is a long book, but a very enjoyable book and it’s based on facts, not fiction. Why is it that our country does these things with regards to the way they handle foreign policy? Throughout this book we’re shown just how corrupt the politicians we elect are, they do what’s it their self interest, not what’s best for our country. Politicians are constantly changing their minds due to lobbyists, and some politicians even become lobbyists themselves. I guess the money they are paid influences their decisions, not doing what’s best for our country, the job they were elected to do. Giving millions of dollars of foreign aid every year, even to countries that have strong economies and hold U.S. loans. This makes no sense to me, China is a perfect example here and they sure as hell don’t play fair with the way they manipulate their currency and have a total lack of respect for intellectual property. There are strong arguments that have been made to eliminate all foreign aid, and I for one am totally in favor of this. Many other countries are no better than China, this book looks at Pakistan, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Libya, and many other countries that constantly have their hands out and try to hurt the USA in return for our kind acts of generosity.

Screwed! by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

The problem with China

This book begins with a quote from Donald Trump that many are familiar with where he says that China is screwing the USA. Actually, I’ve heard Trump speak in interviews on this topic, and he usually fails to go into great detail. This book goes into great detail from the way the Chinese are constantly manipulating (undervaluing) their currency to gain an edge, not only on the USA, but with other countries as well. They steal technology from other companies (having absolutely zero interest in intellectual property) acknowledging they may have taken the technology, but also improved it (often they don’t). Companies can either get into a long drawn out court battle with the Chinese companies that do this or choose to keep innovating. Many choose the latter, because having these types of matters drawn out in court is often a losing battle. If a foreign company wants to do business in China and reach their huge consumer population, they had better accept the fact they’ll have to open up their trade secrets and everything about the way they do business once they enter the country – this is a well known fact. If a dispute does arise in between a Chinese and Foreign company both doing business in China, you had better believe Chinese officials will always side with the Chinese company. It’s also worth noting that China now has one of the worlds strongest economies and still receives foreign aid from the USA and other countries, what’s wrong with this picture? The USA borrows 40 billion from them every year and doesn’t want to upset them, they just might not loan us money and worst of all they could call in their debt. It’s puzzling they’re able to get away with such nonsense.

The entire country is screwing the USA, they hack into our computer systems constantly. We have been able to track instances of China hacking into government agencies, companies, and state agencies as well. You see, in China hacking is considered a “career” and it’s a widely accepted practice (something the Chinese government encourages). They engage in industrial espionage, sending spies into US companies. There have been instances where we have had the Chinese come to the USA, work for our companies, and send the trade secrets back to China. Actually there have been several instances of this, and Morris points out specific examples in the book.

Screwed! by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Can we make our own decisions?

I think we as a nation need to learn how to take control of our country once again and make our own decisions. The world economy is growing significantly and we need to go back to the basics, learn to make our own decisions, and not have the rest of the world make them for us. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

We can no longer control our economy
The Federal Reserve board controls our economy. We no longer control the Federal Reserve Board. The IMF (International Monetary Fund), working through the G-20 group of nations sets the policies that the Federal Reserve Board is obliged to follow.
We can’t decide whether to go to war
The United Nations does that with the Russian and Chinese vetoes hanging over our head. Globalists are even trying to make the waging of war without UN approval an international crime of aggression, and hold our leaders individually and criminally responsible if they commit it.
We don’t control our trade policies
The World Trade Organization (WTO) controls our trade policies. For the most part, they tell us we must have zero tariffs and let in every import. However, China undervalues and manipulates their currency to undercut US prices.
We don’t set our manufacturing and energy policies
The climatologists and their green allies do that. They decree how much carbon we can emit, from what sources, and when we can do it. Meanwhile India and China have increased their greenhouse gas emissions by 10% a year for the last three years, without sanction or consequence.
We don’t control what our Congress does
The lobbyists and special interests do that, financing the campaigns of incumbents who do their work out of view, in committee, inserting clauses in fine print to serve their clients.
We don’t control land use policies in our own communities
The global environmentalists do that, using UN treaties to structure decisions about what we can build and where our cities can grow.
We don’t control our social policies
The courts do that, legislating from their lifetime appointments on the federal and state bench, unelected and unaccountable.
We don’t control our borders
The U.S. Customs and Border control claims to do this, but how good of a job do they do? I don’t think they do a very good job at all. More than 12 million people live here illegally. Drugs still find a way to flow freely into the USA, even though they are illegal.

Screwed! by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

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