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How to sell your house for the best possible price

When you have reached a decision to sell your house, you may be influenced to just put it available on the market instantly to see if anyone will express interest in buying. Potential buyers will look beyond the surface appearance and “see the possibilities.” Unfortunately, those days are mostly gone. Today’s customers want to move in with little or no maintenance required. The risk is that you do 15 or more showings and get no offers. Such information spreads like wild fire in the market and it may difficult to recover from a bad first impression. Trying to sell your house can be challenging – There is stiff competition out there, so you need to do everything possible to ensure your house is unique and wanted. Here are some of the best guidelines to get your house sold in the quickest time and at the highest price:


Don’t give anything away

The more the buyer knows about your situation the better he can think what price you would be willing to sell. Never let the agent knows how much you have or how large your mortgage loan is. Be as evasive as possible. Even if you really need to sell don’t let potential buyer know that you are desperate.


Know your bottom line

Before going into any price negotiation you must know the highest price you are willing to sell and follow it. Think this one out beforehand. Don’t get taken up in when, going over your price. Don’t give any idea away about what your maximum possible is unless and until it is obtained. In this scenario you make sure this is your top limit and you can’t go any lower.

Create a time pressure

If a buyer is enthusiastic about your offer but wants to keep out for maybe a better offer take this choice away from him by creating a time restrain, stating a cogent reason why holding out may not be wise. Reason may be that your home loan offer has a time restriction.

Clean it up

When you are ready to sell your house, you need to understand that you are no longer living there for yourself. In other words, the way the house is designed should not be for your satisfaction, but to entice the largest possible base of customers. This implies getting rid of all the mess, doing a thorough cleaning on the inside and outside of the house, doing all minimal maintenance, and eliminating all personal objects. You may need the services of a professional; expert in house decorations can help you arrange the inside of the house properly, so it will impress potential buyers. Before the buyer walks through the main entrance, though, they will either be impressed or turned off by the surrounding. So it is imperative that the exterior of the house is well taken care of. Get the surrounding washed up — the landscape designs, plants, shrubs, and lawn, everything necessary to make the outside of the house attractive. The combination of an attractive indoor and outdoor will help impress potential buyer. Potential buyers observe dust, spots, and streaks like the picky mother-in-law in a funny routine. Every untidy spot is another purpose to fall out of love with your house. Even if you hire an experienced cleaning service, you should check the house after they’re done with package of spray liquid and paper towel in hand. Floors are one of the first factors individuals observe about your house. Rug spots, breaks in floor tile or wood are all prospective deal breakers. Cleaning might cover up some of the blemishes, but in some situations you will have to change rug, refinish timber flooring, and paint walls and woodwork.


While small imperfections might seem unimportant or insignificant to you they might be a real deal breaker. Clutter is the first squeaky wheel to address. If your wardrobes are clumsy or full, your rooms over equipped, your storage space places packed, you need to get them out of the house and into storage space. The room will be more spacious and livable; this uncluttering procedure is also an excellent opportunity to get rid of useless stuff. As a final measure, many agents perform with a “stager,” who can help you organize your household effects in the most attractive way. Some stagers have store houses of furniture to improve your overall presentation.

Market it effectively

It would be insane to sell your house without an agent – and ideally a top agent at that. You need to employ the services of someone that has all the most up to date advertising models and knows how to get as many buyers on your listing as possible. When it comes right down to it, property revenue, like any other type of revenue, is nothing but a numbers game. The more individuals that see your house, the quicker it will sell and vice versa, So when you want to sell your house at the best possible price, ensure that you work with an agent that has a proven record of effective results.

Price it right

To sell your home quickly, you need to ensure that it is not over-priced. The purpose is that if you set the price too high, you will spend valuable time and effort paying the mortgage and waiting to move on to the house you really want to settle in. Go through the house listing in your neighborhood and give careful consideration to houses that are similar to yours. Check free websites like Yahoo and Zillow to cross reference what you are seeing in your own research. Then even if you decide to provide the house without an agent, you will still have a good estimate of what the price should be.


The primary promotion communications source for houses available on the market is the MLS website which is accessible only by agents. If you try to sell your house without an agent, you are missing the place where almost all of them go to for available houses. Some large property firms also have their own website where they list every house on the MLS website. Many websites with names like “House Search” are agent websites in cover.

What this indicates is that you will discover it very challenging to sell your house without paying an agent’s commission of 6%. However, some agents will keep working harder than others to sell your house. It is not recommended that you should invest in anything beyond attractive images and explanations. Buyers do not like videos because they prefer to quickly click through the images they want to see rather than wait for the video to get around to them.

In all promotion communications created make sure that your house can provide what your promotion communications promised. Otherwise showings will lead to frustration

Compromise-There have been too many occasions when sellers turn down an excellent pride out of pride or stubbornness, only to be forced to accept a lower offer later.

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