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Why successful people ignore you

Why is it that successful people seem to ignore your requests to talk to them or they just don’t notice you? Unfortunately it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and its usually rooted in anxiety and fear. You may fear how the “successful” person is judging you or you feel inferior in his presence. This attitude will come out in your messages, your introductions and your communications.

When a successful person sees you this way, he or she will undoubtedly want to ignore you because you are harmful to their success. You can easily turn this around by starting to have a new mindset on the matter. Instead of feeling inferior, feel awe by their success and choose to look up to them. This way instead of fearing them, they will inspire you and they will want to help you even further. Successful people love inspiring and helping others grow, but only if they want to grow.

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Thoughtful communication is the key

There are some things that you might do when they try to communicate with successful people that turns them off and makes them want to ignore you.

When you introduce yourself you have to be coming from the frame (viewpoint) of someone who is inspired by them but not afraid. You should set the stage for showing your appreciation for why you view them that way, instead of coming off as desperate, awkward and irritating which are all products of anxiety and fear.

You should also be taking constant action. Successful people love helping people that are clearly taking action. So if you have a question for a successful person, make sure you have done everything to find an answer first including taking massive action on the problem. This way they will know you’re serious and will want to help you.

Don’t ask vague and broad questions that require a long and difficult answer. If you are making them think and write too much then they will assume that you don’t value their time and you are just trying to leech information off of them. Instead, tell them why you are inspired by them, tell them or show them how much action you have taken so they see you’re serious, and then ask a really specific question that needs a maximum of a sentence to answer.

A good way to frame a question is with a 3 choice option. This way the successful person can literally answer with a number and you would know where to go. When you have this attitude however you will find that people want to help you and they will end up writing more than you expect in most cases.

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It helps to look at yourself sometimes

If you are judgmental or you have any negative thoughts about what they are doing then keep them to yourself and try to rid them from your mind completely. Successful people ignore other people’s judgments, and they may listen and learn from them but they won’t be controlled in any way.

Successful people understand that the past is just the past. See it as a foundation for your success but not as a burden or regret. If you have any of these negative thoughts bout the past then it will seep out in your messages and they will feel it. So make sure you are looking towards a positive future and only seeing your past as a foundation for growth.

If you’re frustrated that you can’t seem to get in front of the successful people you want, then it’s time to deal with your life. You need to be thinking positive and appreciating every little thing in your life. The small fact that you can read, that you have the Internet, that you have food and a bed are all things you can be massively appreciative for. When you have this appreciation for life, it’s infections and successful people will be drawn to you.

Successful people know that it takes hard work and pain to grow and be successful, so no matter what your situation is, no matter how bad you think you have it, it’s for the best. Keep pushing yourself and keep trying to reach out to people in the right way and you will find friends and mentors to help you move forward.

Learn to deal with your insecurities, your fears and your negative thoughts, because these are pushing successful people away from you and making you look bad.

Finally believe in yourself just like you want successful people to. Anyone who has reached success had to have a lot of self-belief first, so if you emulate this attribute then successful people will be more drawn to you.

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