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Ways to Sell Yourself

Whether you like it or not, you’re in sales. As a matter of fact, everyone is in sales whether you’re a construction worker, an office executive, or the CEO of a large corporation. How can this be? Construction workers don’t have to sell anything, right? Wrong, construction workers sell themselves, their work, and work ethic everyday they are on the job. The same goes for all sorts of different professions. For example, you may think a jeweler as someone being involved in a trade and they don’t have to do any sales work themselves. That’s not true they are selling all the time through the quality of their craftsmanship, how they interact with customers, and how they run their business. You can’t give me an occupation that doesn’t require some sort of sales with it, everyone is in sales they just may not know it. Can you think of any way you’re in sales? The better you are at selling yourself, the more successful you’ll be in life. In this post, I will talk about ways to sell yourself.

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Promote your Skills

If you have skills in certain areas, let people within your industry know about them. Don’t brag about them, but show them to others. Show them how you’re able to do certain things and do them well. Make a list of your best qualities and don’t hesitate to embellish a bit.

Tell them you are constantly learning new skills and you’re eager to learn more in your career field. Networking with others is one of the best ways to sell yourself. They’ll turn to you if they need something, and you can help them if you choose to. If the word spreads about your skills (which it often does) you’ll be courted by a number of employers. They will want you working for them and you can take the best offer.

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If you want something, go get it

Why not go out and get something if you want it. Let’s say you’re a top web developer, but at the present time you only do freelance work because you make more money doing that than finding a regular job. However, if you were to get a job with a big technology firm like Redtail Technology, Cisco Systems, or Google you would be making a lot more than you are now. Why not go out and get it then? Connect with the firms hiring managers and send them a portfolio of your work. Tell them if they have any opportunities available you would like to be considered for a web development position. Don’t let up, but don’t get to the point where you are annoying them as well. If these hiring managers don’t have a position open, you might be the first person that comes to mind when they speak to other hiring managers in their industry and find an open spot you might be good for.

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Be creative and hard working

My best friend owns the most successful business brokerage in the Midwest. I have heard about the way he manages and runs his business from him first hand. One thing he is always looking for is new ideas. Also, he has been through a lot of different sales executives since he pays them on commission. Some of the most important traits he finds are hard work and creativity. These two skills are important as ever to possess.

What separates you from the rest of the pack? Believe me, any employer wants to know this. The most successful people are the rainmakers, people who make things happen. Creativity is key, it’s one of the single most important ingredients in a business. If you’re able to talk to people a certain way, convince them in a creative way you know what you’re doing and can provide a solution that will benefit their needs you may just be able to make it rain. Only some people are able to think outside the box like this, but the truly unique ones that do will always be successful. So are you a creative rainmaker?

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